North Korea  - : +850

Phones in North Korea

Country Code : +850
International Call Prefix : 00 or 99
Long-Distance Call Prefix: 0

Telephone numbers in North Korea are regulated by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Area codes
This list contains only area codes which have been disclosed through various sources, as the official list is not known, even to ITU-T. The telephone directory in North Korea is top secret.

0191 - a mobile network which appears to be used by the British Embassy in Pyongyang
0192 - koryolink 3G Network
0193 - SunNet GSM/900 Network
02 - Pyongyang
031 - Moranbong
039 - Nampho
041 - Songnim
043 - Songnim
045 - Haeju
053 - Hungnam
057 - Wonsan
073 - Chongjin
085 - Rason

Number lengths
Area code - Subscriber number - N(S)N length -
Pyongyang (capital city) - 2 digits (02) - 7 digits - 8 digits
Rason Economic Special Zone - 3 digits (085) - 6 digits - 8 digits
Mobiles - 4 digits (019X) - 7 digits - 10 digits
Little is known about phone numbers in the rest of the country, as phone numbers outside Pyongyang and Rason are not able to be dialled from overseas and are hence not advertised in any overseas publications.
International dialling
Overseas callers to North Korea will usually need to go through the international operator service on +850 2 18111. A select few numbers are able to be dialled directly, without operator assistance.

Phone numbers in Pyongyang which can call internationally and which can receive calls internationally always begin with 381 in the local number, e.g. +850 2 381 xxxx. - These numbers cannot be dialled domestically and cannot make calls domestically, so usually an organisation with international connectivity will have a 381 international number and a 382 domestic number. For example, the British Embassy in Pyongyang can be dialled as +850 2 381 7980 internationally and 02 382 7980 domestically. - 381 numbers can, however, call other 381 numbers domestically. 5 -

Many lines in the Rason Economic Special Zone can also be direct-dialled from outside the country, as many foreign companies (mostly Chinese and Russian) are active in the region. - Calls between North Korea and South Korea are barred. 7 -

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